Pastors. Pastor Oleg Malykh


I was born to the family of diligent workers in 1963. My parents loved me, and I loved them. In 1971-1981 I attended school. In 1982-1984 I did military service in the Soviet army. In 1985-1990 I was a student. I got married in 1989. In 1990 Darya my first daughter was born. Maria the second daughter was born in 1997. In 1989 I acknowledged Christ and in 1990 was baptized. In 1991 I joined the Christian mission “Opportunity”. In 1992-1993 I served at church “Philadelphia” in Izhevsk. In 2000-2001 I became a volunteer assistant and then a coordinator of the ministry “Film Jesus” in Udmurtia. I have good relationship with my family. I love my wife and children and know that they love me in return.

I made my first step towards God in 1983 when doing military service. It was the first time I prayed, if what I did might be called a prayer. I said “if there is someone up there in heaven I want to meet Him”. In about ten years I realized that after those words addressed to heavens events started taking place in my life as though Someone unseen became my mysterious guide. He made me meet wonderfully interesting people and, what is even more essential, meet Him, the most remarkable Person in the whole world, as I know now – Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

In 1984 my military service ended and civil life began. I enjoyed being with friends, doing sports and reading books. I was interested in unusual human abilities and paranormal phenomena in nature.

In 1985 I entered the University. There I met a man who became my friend. He told me about starting Bible courses and his first dealing with Christians. At that time I felt that I had all I needed in my life but I lacked the most important thing. In the moment I was listening to my friend’s words about Faith, Someone told my heart: “this is what you lack!” I decided that I should definitely get to the courses. On the courses I acknowledged God and soon after that I found out changes in my life.


My appeal, ministry and vision


Since the time I’d heard the evangel news and saw I’d found the unique treasure I could share with everyone I had an ever-growing wish to share it with people. But at first I wasn’t a great success. I dreamed of at least one person meeting God due to my testimony. I thought it would be an exceptional miracle of God if I ever delivered a comprehensible sermon, because neither I nor my brothers saw any flair for it in me. There was only a great wish to share the News about the Salvation in Jesus Christ and understanding that Russia has no future if it keeps far away from God.

Listening to the Bible school teachers – I felt I want to share the Good News with people. In 1991 I joined the Christian mission “Opportunity” and started my preaching ministry. And in 1992-1993 I started serving in church “Philadelphia” (Izhevsk) that appeared as a result of the mission working. I took part in and was responsible for evangelical projects in Uva, Vavozh, Debyosy, Dmitroshur, Iyulskoe and more than one hundred settlements in Udmurtia. Nowadays, there are churches in some of those places and some people who were converted at that time serve in them. In 2000 I was a volunteer in arranging the festival in the honour of film “Jesus” in Sarapul. Since 2001 I’ve been a coordinator of the ministry “New Life”. I’ve coordinated and taken part in evangelical projects with film “Jesus” in Sarapul, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorog, Saint-Pertersburg, Ekaterinburg, Glazov, Mozhga and also taught how to do that in the ministry “New Life”.

I see how gradually God guides me in my evangelical ministry. My prayer to Him: “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”. I will be glad to serve God with my wife. I suppose that this collaboration will be more fruitful.