We want to be distinguished among other people!

God created neither a nation nor a culture to disappear from the earth without a trace. Only madness pushed people to such an unthinkable way, loosing the opportunity to participate in history and, the most important thing, to take part in the Holy Heavens among the multitude of peoples that preserved their own features, and praise God, His Salvation.



Musical ministry is a very important part of Christian service. Like a fresh wind, it permeates our hearts and opens them to communicate with God. Our personalities are lifted up to heaven at times like these. Worship takes us far away from our usual routines. As we prepare to listen to God's sweet voice, He enjoys this proper praise of ours.

Musical ministry

About us


Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov

I was born in a Christian family. In 1960, our family moved from the Caucuses to Mariupol in the Ukraine. Unfortunately, when I was young, I rebelled against Christ. But God worked through various methods to teach me in spite of this. Almost every Sunday in the evenings we hosted people at our home for services. I could not escape those meetings, so I was forced to be involved with them and they gave me food for thought.