The power of praise

Praise is a delight. The Bible tells us that worthless things delight this world so often. We can see this truth in our lives — somebody is delighted by wealthiness, somebody idolizes somebody and so on. We can’t stay without being delighted because God created us with this characteristic.


Children and teens

It's essential to put God's word in children's hearts from their childhood. If we don't do that, we are going to lose them. The world, which is around our children, is very severe, full of drugs, there is propaganda of violence, illegal sex, and much more. Neither a child nor a teenager is able to confront many hours and various images of immorality, because they are not mature yet. Therefore the church is responsible to help parents raise up their children, because they are the future of the entire nation. One of the ways to accomplish that aim is Sunday school.

Sunday school

About us


Pastor Valeri Pikulev

I was born in a large Udmurt family and was the twelfth child. The life in my village Baysitovo, Malopurginsky area, was penetrated with spirits of superstitions and witchcraft, typical as any other Udmurt village.