Haman's plot

Having resistance between truth and lies, light and darkness, holiness and ungodliness, hatred and love, we should remember that they are not escapable. God’s nature cannot bear with wickedness. Likewise, the devil cannot accept something good.


Folk groups

Originally, the Udmurts were inhabitants of Udmurtia. They belong to the Finno-Ugric family of language. The Udmurts amount to over 700 thousand people. Tragic events that the Udmurts went through in the Middle Ages, put an indelible imprint on their mentality

Udmurt ministry

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Second pastor Aleksey Korepanov

I was fighting God rejecting His love for 3 years. Within that period I betrayed all my and my God’s principles, all that I was so proud of. My life lost its sense. But thank God! He came to me again and addressed to my heart.