The conference in Tampere On November 2, 2002 in the Finnish city of Tampere a conference was held on further development of reaching out to Finish-family language nationalities. The purpose of the conference was the defining of general policy of the missionary activity in those republics. Some people from Russian churches who serve among those peoples participated in the conference, and also the missions: "Avayansonoma", "HSR-TV", "Light to the peoples ", and the Institute of Translation of the Bible. The representative from Udmurtia was a servant from the "Philadelphia" Church in Izhevsk, Valeriy Pikulev. He reported the situation in Udmurtia on evangelical activity among natives of the Repub-lic – Udmurts. He spoke about the importance to preach the Good News in the native Udmurt lan-guage. During the conference there was considered different issues such as: translation of the Bible and other Christian literature in Finish-family languages, setting up Christian channels in those repub-lics, and arranging conferences for peoples who belong to the Finish-families.


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26 Oct 2002
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