The meeting in country side Italmas On October 19 in the country side Italmas of Zavyalovskiy region was an interchurch meeting of the Udmurtian Christians was held. The purpose of that meeting was to advance more close rela-tionships between the Udmurts of all Churches for further development of the Udmurtian Christian movement. Everyone came to a common opinion, that the development of this movement is one more path for outreach with the Gospel to the Udmurts. In the conclusion there was a decision made from the experience of previous exegetical ministries that the Udmurt part of the population always receives, especially in villages, with a large openness and kindliness, the Good News in their native language. Therefore, there is a need for more Udmurt preachers and musical groups. At the meeting the Udmurts praised God, prayed in their native language, talked a lot with each other. That meeting has made them closer. Everyone agreed that such meetings are necessary in the future.


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26 Oct 2002
Youth seminar «Friendship, dating and premarital relationships»...Youth seminar «Friendship, dating and premarital relationships»...

26 Sep 2002
The official website of the "Philadelphia" Church was open.