26 Oct 2002

Youth seminar «Friendship, dating and premarital relationships» During October 25-26, the «Philadelphia» church had an interchurch youth seminar on the subject «Friendship, dating and premarital relationships» The purpose of the seminar was to open the Divine view on premarital relationships between young people to help them in finding solutions of many problems that there are. The biblical part of a seminar was set up by a principle "questions and answers". The senior pastor of the “Philadelphia” Church Pavel Zhelnovakov answered numerous issues (about 80), which young people have. During the seminar there were some testimonies of married couples who have worthy experience of premarital relationships and postmarital life. The aim of the testimonies was to help out the young people to escape many mistakes before getting married. Also participated young actors from the theatre «Parable", they demonstrated performances to show more figuratively that topic. Young people had a chance to talk and get to know each other closer. Those opportunities they took between main parts for tea and at the end of the seminar. This was promoted by arranging a friendly atmosphere during the seminar. Many young people have spoken about the relevance and urgency of that seminar; they received answers to many “burning” questions.


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