God’s mercy is that, He loved us when we were yet sinners. God is patient with every person wishing to save him from the death. He was patient with my mother and my younger brother. The family of my younger brother caused my mother much pain and frustration. Constantly weeping about such injustice and undeserved offence and not finding any way out of this situation she decided to commit a suicide. At the time when the rope and noose were ready the door opened, and suddenly she heard a voice: “Has someone died in your home?” My mother lifted her head, saw a man on the threshold and said: “I want to die.” The man presented himself as a minister of the Christian Church and asked a permission to pray for her. After the prayer the heart of my mother was warmed and life strength returned to her. Praise the Lord! Next God used my mother to save my brother’s life. Once, my mother, doing he household duties, clearly heard a voice saying: “Go quickly!” While she was slow, she heard the voice 2 times more. Mother got ready and went to the next house. There she saw a owner of the house and my younger brother which were both unconscious. An ambulance came in 5 minutes, that’s surprisingly quick. A doctor gave a diagnosis: intoxication from a drug in the blood. After an injection with a strong medicine, the owner of the house slowly regained his consciousness. But the state of my brother remained the same; the second injection could cause loss of speech and paralysis. Despite this, the doctor had to do that. Praise the Lord! My brother is alive and healthy.


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05 Feb 2003
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