Christ suffered for us, He took our sins and infirmities so that we may live for Him and His truth. “By His wounds we are healed” the Bible says and life shows that it’s really so. But often we don’t notice God’s miracles in our life. Once I decided to meditate on this and write down what God has done for me and my family through our years of following Him. Here is my testimony: I had a cold for many years, especially in winter but now it’s gone. My stomach was healed from ulcers. From the time I was 7 years old my legs ached after a bout with scarlet fever. I cried at nights and couldn’t sleep. After 55 years God healed right after receiving baptism. Now I can sleep well at night. I also had allergy to raspberries but it has been a year already and I can eat them in any form. After taking part in Communion the warts on my hands disappeared. In 1959 I had an inflammation of the middle ear and couldn’t hear with my right ear. Now I can hear. I believe that God would heal me completely. Two years ago God healed my granddaughters Olya and Julia from the flu. My granddaughter Natasha had an epileptic syndrome, as confirmed by the doctors. After the pastor’s prayer God healed her, she doesn’t have attacks anymore. Also my toxic wan bothered me but after 2 tests it has not increased. My left shoulder also ached and I even didn’t notice how God healed it. Now I don’t feel pain anymore. In 1992 my right knee ached. Using the stairs I couldn’t bend at the knee-joint. Last year when we cleared away the snow on the first stair of our House of Prayee, I fell on that very place. The pain was aweful, I was crying and thought that I broke it. But this was the way God healed me. Glory and Praise to God! In January 2002 my granddaughter Natasha had an operation on her head. The Church prayed, sisters and brothers prayed and fasted. The operation was successful. Now she’s studying and thanks to prayer. I thank God for His wonders and healings!


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01 Mar 2003
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