30 Mar 2003

News from Votkinsk

No one can explain how a Russian village, where people were believers from the beginning, degraded to such an awful condition. Mass culture in big cities, based on refusal of all moral values, gave its poisonous fruit in the village. Alcohol addiction, depravity, criminality, poverty, economic failure – here’s a portrait of a modern village. A villager, who doesn’t have the possibility to hear God’s Word but is poisoned by antipreaching of this world needs the pure Word of God today. Though people are thirsty for God’s Word, they don’t want to receive the Good News. God uses every opportunity to remind the unbelievers about His love and power and to strengthen Christians in faith.

There’s a village Pislegovo in Sharkan area of Udmurtia. The village isn’t reached by God’s Word yet. But the Good News reached the neigbouring Kikva village where the Christian community was formed. One day a leader of this little Church, Herman Chazov, and some brothers went to Pislegovo where they planned to meet with workers of the farm. Only one woman came to this meeting. The ministers were frustrated. They prayed and went back to Kikva. When they came out of the village, someone cried for them and invited to come to one house. They said they knew they were believers. Maybe they can help with a misfortune in that house.

They went there and saw a horse lying and dying in the yard. Several people gathered around, trying to do something. People were confused and sad. Someone can say what a grief, the dying horse. But even now, in a century of high technology in our poor villages the horse is a support, a worker and a bread-winner for a family. To lose a horse is the same as to lose a member of the family prematurely. So, ministers could understand the condition of the horse’s owner.

As it turned out, the owners used every means they knew to save the animal. A veterinarian who stood there also could do nothing. He advised to make an injection as soon as possible – in that case they would have fresh meat. So, these people were powerless to do anything and they turned to Herman and his friends – you, Christians, do something. Someone even cried that if the horse was healed, he would believe in God. It was an entreaty and challenge at the same time. The brothers decided to pray. They started to do it with a heavy heart: what if nothing happens? But they couldn’t step back. The brothers put their hands on the dying horse. During the prayer, ministers heard the voices of people: “Look, it has opened its eyes…It lifted its head!” Herman described his feelings during the prayer – the ministers put their hands on those places where the horse felt pain. It reacted to every touch during prayer, as though a huge power flew through the hands of believers. In half of an hour the horse stood up and went to the stable on shaky legs. It was a great victory.


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