There have already been some work done in Kez and Debesi. God’s Word has reached the hearts of several people. There’s rather a big and stable church in Debesi. There are two Christian communities in Kez. The hearts of people are open for the preaching of the Good News. It’s really so. But if you are moralizing, even an open heart will be closed, the person will say: “Don’t teach me how to live.” That’s why many churches now are busy with finding original, not boring methods of spreading the Good News. The Church Philadelphia in Votkinsk isn’t an exception. The Church does an active missionary work in the villages of Udmurtia.

The youth also refutes that the young people nowadays are passive and unable for independent activity, as teachers and psychologists think. There were young Christians from Votkinsk who became the participants in big evangelistic concerts which took place in Kez, Debesi and Tilovai villages. There, in Tilovai, our church team that consisted of chorus, dancing group, and worship team “Liga-J” was met with success. The hall just couldn’t hold everybody who desired to be in this Christian concert. People stood in the aisles, other people just continued to come. There were 200 people. Maybe not all of them realized that it was a Christian concert, most of them came just to rest and relax. That’s why, God’s light of truth came to the hearts of these people softly and not forcefully. Several days later after the concert in Tilovai, the ministers of Philadelphia Church started to hold Bible studies there. We think a new Church will be born there soon.


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