A letter from Nina, a girl from Debesi village, addressed to her leader at Christian children’s camp:

“Hello, dear Luda!

It’s Nina Voevodina from Debesi writing. I miss you very much, I remember our camp, our feelings, I look through our photos. I want to share a wonderful witness of God’s miracles in my life and the life of my family. It’s wonderful to live in our family now! God takes care of us, helps us in everything and we always relay on Him.

Thanks to the Lord, my studies go very well now. From the final exams I have a good mark in chemistry and an excellent mark in English. I could pass all the tests in physical training by a miracle. After prayer and my efforts a miracle happened and I was one of the girls who passed all the tests and got an excellent mark. The same happened when we were writing a dictation. Half of the class got a bad mark, I got a good mark. Praise the Lord! Besides, I was chosen to be the main editor of our school newspaper, through which I hope to tell everybody in school about God and His wonderful deeds. I tell a lot to my friends about Jesus because I want everybody to know Jesus and to be saved.

I had a dream: I wanted a coat made out of sheep very much. But it was unreal for our family. I told God about my dream and He answered me! One day sister Galia came to our Sunday service and sold me this coat for 4 dollars and gave me winter boots (I didn’t have winter boots at all). God gave me even more than I asked. Thanks to Him!

With love,



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