05 Apr 2003

Precious lessons of God

My relations with God become closer. But this closeness is achieved sometimes through serious lessons. Last time I prayed diligently to God that He taught me obedience and I experienced certain circumstances in my life. Once, when I was going home late at night, robbers caught me. They beat and robbed me. The situation was unpleasant but when we want to understand what God wants to say through it, we always receive an answer. He always wishes to teach us something and remains faithful Himself, He is always with us and never leaves us alone. In this situation when I got in trouble, God was faithful:

1. It seemed that at the moment no one was there but suddenly taxi came to me (it waited for other passengers who didn’t come). The driver called policemen who came in 10 minutes (that’s amazingly quick, too).

2. A policeman happened to be a kind person who got a car personally for me to take me home.

3. At 5 o’clock in the morning the front door of my house was open, which I needed it to be, because I didn’t have the keys.

God did that for me through different people and He teaches me obedience through circumstances. I also understood following:

- our city doesn’t belong to darkness and criminals, it’s the city of my God!

- God desires that we pray for all people, for criminals as well, who by evil will, are subdued to the world of cruelty and violence.

- God is always with me. He teaches me not to be afraid of darkness because I’m His child!

Thank you, Lord, for such precious lessons!

A Christian Natalia Gorbunova.


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