11 Apr 2003

Ministry for drug-addicted

From June, 2000 in “Philadelphia” Church we held meeting for drug addicts and members of their families. The leader of this meeting is Viktor Zaitsev, a former drug addict, who was saved by God’s love and power. We would like you to read his wonderful testimony of how he got free from this terrible addiction and got saved by God:

“Before turning to God I’d been using drugs for 9 years, started with the easiest ones and ending with heroin. I was in such a degree of dependence on this, that if I didn’t take drugs, I drank alcohol or smoked stuff. The last 3 years I used drugs daily. As a result I lost my family and my life was destroyed. Though I was deep in sin and lies, God was merciful to me all those years.

By chance my wife and my daughter started going to the church. Their prayers and prayers of the church were making an effect on me. God was working with me. I was put into jail because only that could stop me. There I temporarily stopped using drugs. I was given a strict sentence – many years, but I was released in one year and it was one of the miracles which God made in my life and which made me think about Him. After my release I came to the church and began to visit the meetings of believers. There I heard God’s Word for the first time, which grew in my soul like a seed and gave fruit. I understood how sinful I was and Jesus died for me, shed His blood for my transgressions and washed me from it. I turned to God on the 14th of March in 1997 and I was baptized in water. After that God called me to go and testify my healing and salvation. I shared my testimonies on TV, in schools, student colleges, visited rehabilitation centers. Today I can see the fruit of my ministry – 5 people who turned to God were delivered from addiction and serve the Lord, helping others to get free from that evil. God really changed my life. He restored my family, I have a job and ministry but the most important thing is that He gave me eternal life and meaning in this life on earth! People often say to me, that I have strong will and that’s why I could conquer this evil. I can say only this: where was my strong will, when I was using drugs for 9 years? No one can be delivered unless someone more powerful helps him. God got me out of that and there’s no other power in this world that can do such a miracle. Praise and thanks to Him!

Viktor Zaitsev.


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