In February, 1994, I was good-for-nothing. I had a whole bunch of diseases. I practically couldn’t leave my bed and I took pills in big amounts. Ahead I had no hope for anything good.

One day, however, my pal came to me and invited me to church. I thought that she’s kidding because she knew in what condition I was in. But when she told me that they are going to pray for me in the church, I suddenly realized there’s hope in my heart. I found strength in me, I stepped out of my bed and put on my clothes. On the way to the church I needed to go up a huge hill, then the 3rd floor. Oh, wonder, I managed all this with easiness! During the service I started having a terrible headache and I suffered all the meeting. In the end there was a call to repent. Suddenly some power lifted me up and led me onto the stage. People started to pray for me and I cried with a horrible voice. Then all the Church started to pray and the pastor asked me to repeat the words of prayer. But it was as if someone prevented me from doing it. At last I said the prayer and felt so good after that, I almost fell to the floor. I invited the Lord Jesus Christ into my life and started visiting the Church services regularly, though I didn’t understand what they talked about. But after every service I couldn’t restrain tears. Thus my life with God started – He really raised me from the dead. Only then I realized that all this time I had been held captive by occult powers which were slowly bringing me to a spiritual and physical death. My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude to my Savior Jesus Christ! On the 21st of March of 1994 I got baptized. Many times dark powers tried to take me captive again, but prayer to my God destroyed all these powers, because the One who is in me, stronger than what is in the world! Praise and thanks to Him for everything!

With love,

sister Galina Mashkova.


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