25 May 2003

A fire in Debesy

When we turn TV or radio on to find out what is going on in the world, again and again we can see that the Bible is right, "the world lies in evil". Car accidents, fires, bomb explosions happen almost every day in different places. God is pouring judgment on this world. His judgments can bring good if people come to the knowledge of God through difficulties. We do not need to watch TV or listen to the radio to find out bad news. Bad news is all around the place. May 9 2003 there was a fire in Debesy town. Six houses burned down, 12 families suffered. Seven of the 12 families had believers in them. These believers left the church and Christian fellowship. When the fire began nothing could be done because the fire department had broken equipment. The fire was growing in strength when an Orthodox priest came out of his church and called people to pray. Many believers joined him in prayer. Praise God that the fire was stopped and no one was killed in it. This situation was glorifying to the Lord because some of the believers who stopped going to church, came back the next Sunday. They repented of their sins. Hopefully, God also worked in the hearts on unbelievers who witnessed what was going on.


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