On 18, 19, 20 November in “Philadelphia” church building Sunday school deacons training seminar take place. Following issues were discussed on the seminar: Sunday School aims nad it’s organization; how to set children education process; children soul care taking; how to talk to children about their saving and spiritual growth. Teen age complexity and conflict situations issues were discussed. A lot of bright games and visual aids were shown and methods of their application. 28 people were at the seminar, 8 of them, who came through education process were certified as independent tutors.

A lot of people gave a high value references to this seminar. Here is some of them.

Marina Pushina: “I am thankful to God for this seminar. I refreshed and renewed in my memory all that I new before. It is wonderful that the seminar was organized by our Church! We need to learn hardly. All this is very important and very helpful, especially with real life examples. Way to go!”

Marina Nepomnyaschaya: “I liked visual aids and games very much, because there is always shortage of such materials. All in all, I think that seminar was successful. We need to go on with such meetings.”

Anna Zhelnovakova: “I am thankful to God for this seminar. I think that it was very important and needful, and first of al it was up to date. Surely, I want to see much more number of deacons on this re-attestations. Praise the Lord, that church had reached this point, that we could do by ourselves hold such seminars!”


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23 Nov 2005
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18 Nov 2005
No thyroid gland increase