23 Nov 2005

Our adopted son

Our adopted son Vasiliy is living with us since January 23, 2004. When we were making al papers for adopting him, doctors had warned us, that it is possible we will need heart operation. Among heart disease the child had 2nd degree anemia, clearly seen rachitis, skull internal pressure, encephalopathy, high tension. When we came to doctor for the first time we have heard the following: “Do you realize what kind of a child you have adopted? He will be a burden for you all your life.”

Vasiliy’s echocardiograph examination results in Republican children clinical hospital of 21.08.2003. Age - 1 month.

1. Left and right pre-heart chambers size increase.

2. Open oval window 2.6 mm (according to VDK).

However, God had different plans for his health. On the third day Vasiliy living in our family, he learnt how to sit, and soon started to crawl. When we made blood tests, it’ appeared that there is no anemia sign left – blood hemoglobin level is 135, most high in our region, as our regional doctor N.E. Efremova reported to us. Soon after the medical survey of our son in city rehabilitation center, neuropathology doctor, head of this center, had informed us, that the boy is growing good and no pathology had been found.

Regional pediatric doctor could not stop wondering on what was happening. After some time we was sent to children cardiology center. One day before going to testing, I came to “Philadelphia” church praying meeting, as I am member of that church. This evening pastor was telling about God’s promises from Hebrews, that “God was swearing by Himself, confirming keeping His promises unchanged for believers”. I just asked God: “God, please, if all this is true, please cure my son, as You have cured leper, who was asking You to do it”. This evening I had been filled with joy and peace.

On the following day, on May 7th, 2004, leading specialist cardiologist Glushak had examined Vasiliy. Checking his results he said “Usually children with such diagnoses are operated on the 2nd year of living. But on my opinion he is all right. But anyway, lets check one more time. We were sent to make another heart echo cardiogram. After 40 minutes with received results we appeared again in the doctor’s office. Checking all previous results and compared them with new one, he said: “ absolutely no pathology, everything is all right with him, the child is healthy!”

That had happened not because we feeding well and taking care about him with love, as some people told us. It never cured heart stumbling ever yet. We just have our God, Who is in power to give mercy and cure any disease of His children. I want to inspire those, who lost his faith in searching deliverance from the problems and diseases: not diminishing doctors, look for the God’s help. Find a church, where you will be listened to, where people will understand you and pray for you. God is full of mercy especially to children’s lives.


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21 Nov 2005
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