31 Jan 2010

Am I ready?

On 31 January at the Sunday meeting of the church ‘Philadelphia’ the pastors talked about the second coming of Jesus and about God’s love. Pastor Dmitry Vladykin suggested thinking about the question whether we were ready for this event. Does my heart want it? Maybe I have stuck in the routine life. Abraham called himself an alien and wanderer being aware of the fact that life on the earth is temporary and the real life in the true meaning of this word waits us in God.

Even if we make the same mistake over and over we should remember that God has relieved us. We should not put up with this sin. God through the Holy Scripture calls us to be alert and self-controlled.

Yuri Baburin asked the question: what is God’s love? This love made Him come to the earth in a human image. In the times of the Old Testament  He taught man through rules and law, in the New Testament — through personal relationship. The well-known commands — to love God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself — unite these two testaments. Sometimes it is very difficult to love one’s neighbour because of his drawbacks, though the Bible teaches us see the person apart from his or her actions, to love man but not his sin. God will help us love.

There were testimonies: Maina Sashina, the leader of the Udmurt ministry, told about evangelism trips of the ensemble ‘Inkrezh’ and the youth group ‘Shumpoton’ in Udmurtia, Perm region and Bashkortostan in Christmas holidays. In many villages new home groups for the converted were started.

Tatiana Susloparova told about the results of ‘Alpha’ and announced that all who are interested are invited to the new course.


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