15 Aug 2010

Burning for God

A Sunday service of August 15th was marked by Communion, whereof pastor of Alexey Korepanov was speaking. Intiction is a kind of a mystery of knowing Jesus Christ. To be children of God we have to drink His blood and eat his flesh, what is said in Gospel of John in Chapter 6. And our aim in Eucharist is to win. To witness of His blood, His flesh to those who are still in slavery. To rejoice having been saved, and also to think about the unfaithful (Phlp. 2:4). In the First Letter to Corinthians apostle Paul thought of everybody to satisfy them (1 Cor. 10:33).

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov spoke about the fire. It is rather difficult to set wet wood on fire in rainy and windy weather with wet matches. In the Book of Leviticus The Bible teaches us to keep the fire “burning on the altar continuously” (Lev. 6:9.12,13), which is like an image in the New Testament. The altar is our heart, and the fire may be anything the heart may burn with: feelings, ideas, thoughts, love. In the book of Revelation God tells us that He does not like lukewarmness. God wants to see in our lives the fire of different kind:

— the fire of prayer, joy and gratitude (1 Thes. 5:17,18);
— the sacrificial fire of ministering (Rom. 12:1);
— the fire of Christ testimony, the fire of salvation (1 Cor. 9:16).

Where does this fire come from? It comes from the communication with God, and may it continuously burn on the altar — our heart.


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