Let me congratulate you on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, on this remarkable day for the world's history!

Nothing can be more wonderful than the act of winning God's love that was revealed in His Son. God showed His love to the dying world in such a wonderful way that our hearts tremble and are ready to stay in awe. Christ is risen! Who or what can overshadow this event that changed the course of history?

These Easter days I wish you joy, grateful hearts and confidence in tomorrow. Friends, let us remember that we have a privilege to trust the Savior, the Lord of our destinies, and He has many bright days and blessings for us in His heart. My your heart keep the memory about His forgiveness and mercy to each of us.

Bring fearlessly the saving good news to all people, don't be afraid of loving and blessing even those who seem to be unworthy of this love. Jesus was crucified and risen not just for us but for the whole world.

With love and prayer Pavel Zhenovakov,
senior pastor of the church "Philadelphia"



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