Don’t you think that you should train yourself in godliness? In fact, Jesus talked to His followers using the examples of farmers and land — it was close to the people of that time. Had He come in our time, He might have used the examples from business — when you invest your efforts and time and then get a good result. Likewise we should keep our heart in faith and be persistent in this everyday work. A Christian can be compared to a soldier who is in hard and long training in order to make him quick and efficient. And what about ourselves? How quickly do we “return to the ranks” when the gospel and godly life are concerned?

Talking about the world revival we’d better remember the following thing: revival always begins with me. First of all revival is the Christian awaken from sleep, passivity and lukewarm attitude.

This was the topic of pastor Oleg Malykh’s sermon. After that Maina Sashina told about their missionary concerts in two villages in Bashkiria and at a pagan Udmurt holiday Gerber. In the midst of the pagan thinking our brothers and sisters had an uneasy burden — to bless and bring light to those who otherwise will sink in the swamp of ignorance and wideness. Spiritual fighting has just started — our friends have been invited to come to these villages once again, that’s why the church prayers are welcome.

Vladimir Batalov, who conducted the meeting, started his sermon with a quotation of famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes”. In the Bible we find the same principle — several people are asked the question: “What do you see?” The focus of our heart will give us strength and lead to the final goal. But don’t we tend to come back to the mundane usual things and petty plans as Peter did at the beginning of his following Christ — starting being a fisher once again? In order to think in wide God’s perspective we might not leave for Africa at once to preach the good news to cannibals, though many Christian did exactly like that helping them to see the light. We have many opportunities to serve others, let’s start with our own “cannibals” — relatives, neighbours, friends who need God’s help and salvation.

At the morning meeting the church prayed for a newly-wed couple, Nikolaj and Olga. They have had a rich life experience but their hearts burn for God and for each other.

Next Sunday the church “Philadelphia” is going to have a holy communion.


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