27 Jun 2010

It is up to us

Evangelism was the topic of the Sunday meeting of the church “Philadelphia” on 27 June. The theatre ministry showed several expressive sketches to tell or remind once again about the essence of sin and its manifestation in life. In the first sketch there was a story of graduates of an ordinary school. Each of them would die — because of a drug overdose, failed operation or  in a plane crash — and there was one fate for them: to be burnt in hell. But if we, believers, aren’t silent, but tell such people about Jesus Christ, about salvation, forgiveness of sins and eternal life, they will get the true meaning in life and will be saved. The most important thing is not to keep silent.

In another sketch children were talking about their abortive lives. They were not born because their parents had chosen to have an abortion. They wanted to live so much, but they were not allowed to do it because of trifle reasons. Abortion is a murder. Many people were crying, looking at the children who wanted to live and were calling their mothers to stop.

We can bring to the cross abortion and many other sins, begging God’s pardon. He will forgive and will never recall them.

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov reminded all the present 10 commandments that God had given through Moses. We all broke them, but Jesus died for our sins. We know it but thousands and thousands around us are ignorant of it. They do not realize that they go straight to hell. It is up to us — to tell them or not. Jesus came to this world to give life in abundance. People lost this life in sin. It is our choice — to give them an opportunity to choose this life in abundance. This is the aim of the church — to share the light of the gospel. Even being Christians we are always before the choice whether to sin or not, start to serve or not, sacrifice something for God or not. It is up to us.

After the sermon Pavel Ivanovich invited people who needed repentance to come to the stage. These were the believers and new church members who hadn’t given up some of their sins. Pastors and ministers prayed for them.


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