At the morning and afternoon meetings of the church “Philadelphia” on 6 June there were remarkable events. At the first meeting there was a prayer for those who had been baptized the day before, at the second one — a prayer for a newly-wed couple, Maksim and Daria Haritonov. Other parts of the service were conducted in the usual way.

Pastor of Industialny city area Aleksej Korepanov told one interesting real story. Once upon a time two young believers were captured in Ethiopia. Even being prisoners they continued living as the Bible teaches. In time the people around them noticed this and wanted to know God as well. The king of this country was converted into Christianity and the country started seeing special blessings. The king allowed these young men to go back to their country, but asked one of them to stay to continue serving in Ethiopia. This young man had an uneasy choice but finally decided to stay in Ethiopia. Thanks to God this country felt a huge revival. This young man listened to God’s voice.

We also can hear His voice when He wants us to leave something and follow His direction. When Jesus called the two first disciples — Peter and Andrew, being fishers they left their boat and followed Him. Jesus promised to make them fishers of men — to help them to realize their true calling because due to their work many people learnt about salvation that is given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Though this calling — to leave “the boats” and follow Christ — is for us as well. Many churches exist only because some people left their usual life and decided to be missionaries. In the vision of the Russian church of Christians of evangelical faith, which includes the church “Philadelphia” there is the development of evangelism and missions. This is the present focus — the new churches. June is decided to be the month of prayers and sermons about the good news preaching.

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov continued the topic of evangelism but in another aspect. The second coming of Jesus is closely connected with preaching the good news. Do we believe Jesus will come soon? Many people agree that He may come, but not soon. This helps them to relax and forget about this. What do you personally feel when being reminded about Jesus coming? Fear? Insecurity? Or a desire to get the mess out of your life as soon as possible?

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). This verse says that the sooner the good news will be spread all over the world the sooner Jesus will come. If we wait for this we should go and tell people about God.  If we think that we can slow down His coming, not spreading the gospel, we are making a big mistake. If we do not come as it is written in the Bible, God will find somebody else and he or she will get our reward.

There will be two questions we will be asked on the heavens: Do you love people? What did you do so that they wouldn’t die? You’d better ask yourself these questions now when there is still time to change something.



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