19 Sep 2010

The choice is up to us

Very soon, on 10 October there is the election for the City Duma. On the Sunday meeting on 19 September  the dean of the church “Philadelphia” Yuri Baburin called the church to pray for the people who are going to become the representatives, because the way our city will live depends on their honesty and conscientiousness.

Still the sermon was dedicated first of all not to the election, but the choice in general. We choose different things all the time: the spouse, the place to live, profession. We choose our way. According to our choice we are going to get some results and our reward. In Scriptures we see many examples of such a choice. Thus Adam and Eve were to choose between obedience to God and their own curiosity. Their wrong choice led to grave consequences for the mankind — separation from the Creator. Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for some lentil stew. He allowed himself to be led by a momentary wish and disregarded something more important.

Even if we made the right choice and started following the Lord, there are many crossroads on our way. Every day we choose what we shall do in this or that situation. Yuri Baburin appealed to the audience and advised to make a choice in favour of evangelism. We shouldn’t become passive but preach with words and by our life. Moreover we are called to make disciples and not leave these people but lead, support, instruct and teach them.

Worship pastor Sergej Tensin talked about praise. It is difficult to give any full definition of this word. The pastor expressed it like that: praise is creating the adequate atmosphere for God’s presence. Praise is the foundation for our relationships with God. God created us for worshipping Him, though when it starts being a habit, live relationships and awe vanish. This was the case with Uzzah. In 2 Samuel we read the following story: the arc of God was moved to Jerusalem and Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen stumbled. God struck him down and he died immediately. God punished him for disobedience — only levites could touch the arc of God. Maybe Uzzah got accustomed to being close to it because it had been for a long time in his father’s house, so Uzzah didn’t perceive it as a sacred object.

Sometimes we want to have God near us on our conditions, pretending that we praise Him, but He sees our hearts. We are all the big praise and worship group. It is crucial to remember about it and pay special attention to praise.


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