26 Sep 2010

The word is being sown

On 26 September the Sunday meeting of the church “Philadelphia” was dedicated to the understanding of some mysteries of the Heavenly kingdom. Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov announced that several next meetings were to be about this topic.

Last Sunday Pavel Ivanovich’s sermon was about the gospel — the live word that is received by people. But they do it in a different way, and the fruit of the believers for the heavens depends on this way. This is the topic of a well-known proverb about a sower (Mark 4:1-10, 13-20). There we see four groups of listeners.

1.The seed that fell along the path. These are people who were unable to understand the value of the word. It came to their heart but wasn’t accepted fully. These people are careless about their life, that is why devil easily steals this word.

2.The seed that fell on rocky places. These are people who were happy to hear the word and at once received it with joy, but when trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. Probably those who told them about God didn’t warn them about difficulties of the way of a believer. They decided against paying the price and meet the conditions that God prepares for their life. They do not seem to have heard Jesus calling to deny themselves, take their cross and follow Him.

3. The seed that was sown among thorns. These people want to sit on two chairs. They didn’t want to keep the word that is why they make a fuss about many things, and the “minister of fuss”, as pastor called devil, is always near and ready to offer them a lot of entertainment, attractions and distractions. All this pushes the word of God out of the heart of such people.

4. The seed that was sown on good soil. These people understood the value of God’s word. Their faith, life and actions fully satisfy God. They grow in faith and bring fruit – 30, 60 and 100 times bigger.

There is a question: what can we do to make people be stronger in faith and become part of the fourth group? First of all when a person accepts God, you can’t leave him hoping that he is going to cope with everything himself. We should support such people, find out everything about their difficulties and questions, helping them to gain strength. It is important to explain that there are difficulties, but there will be help, because we have gone through it. We should pray for such people, then the heavenly kingdom will not loose anybody — the newly-come will get to know God deeper and deeper.

Pastor called the believers to recall those who we had brought to the church and find out what was going on in their life. If they do not attend the church, then we should invite them and keep in touch. We are the church and must take care about one another, first of all about those who have just become Christians.


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