17 Oct 2010

Walk before God

Have a look at yourself in the mirror. This was the piece of advice that pastor Vladimir Batalov gave to all the present at the Sunday meeting of the church “Philadelphia” on 17 October.

In fact judging others people’s actions we forget to pay attention to our own ones that are not always so righteous. God wants to touch the deepest part of our life that sometimes “stinks”. He wants us to be changed forever, giving up the sin that has such an awful smell. It’s high time we looked into the mirror in order to understand whether we like (and first of all whether God likes) that we can see there. Having been cleaned from it we will be able to influence the world around us. We should ask God as the psalmist did: “See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Psalm 139:24).

This topic was continued in the sermon of senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov. He asked a reasonable question: who do I walk before? Our obedience depends onthe answer. Who do we listen to? Who do we serve? Maybe we do not serve but gain favor with these people? In the Bible we often meet the expression “to walk before God”. Pavel Ivanovich gave several examples. Thus this expression is used to describe Abraham and Sarah’s obedience to God. There were wrong things in their life but still they walked before God. They believed that they would become parents of many nations as God had promised them. This couple was of advanced age but didn’t have children. They didn’t care that their names seemed to sound foolish — “father and mother of any nations”.

Noah didn’t pay attention to mockery as well. He was building the arc for a hundred years in the period when rains didn’t exist. He is also described as a blameless man walking before God.

God teaches us through the Bible to not receive glory from one another, not to toady but to live blamelessly, walk by faith, not by sight so that God’s opinion would be number one for us.


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