12 Sep 2010

Spiritual resurrection

In the church “Philadelphia” a chain of marriages and blessings for premarital relations continues. A week ago the church prayed for the couple that had decided to get married; this Sunday, 12 September, the blessing prayer was for the couple that had already registered their relation. Andrej and Tatiana Usmanov told about their agreement to become a family that is described in the Bible. Pastor Dmitry Vladykin reminded them and the whole church about God’s order in the family: the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man. Wives should be submissive to their husbands, that is — to respect them; husbands should be considerate as they live with their wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner. After the prayer their friends and relatives could congratulate the newly-weds on this happy event.

Then there was Aleksej Korepanov’s sermon. He told about resurrection in the lines of Christ’s words in John 11:25: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies”. What does it mean? Jesus is talking first of all about spiritual resurrection, about restoration of lost relationship with God. Sometimes we meet people who used to be in church, used to be true believers, but due to some reasons lost all that. God is strong enough to revive them and make them trust Him in all respects, leave their sins and enjoy their fellowship with the Heavenly Father. We should participate in it ourselves. If we know that some people broke away, it is necessary to keep praying for them, telling them about the importance of salvation and being with them if it is possible. We have a bright example — Moses. God was about destroying the Hebrews when they went out of Egypt for their sins, disbelief and grumble and said to Moses to leave his people. But the prophet refused and asked to kill him as well. God thought against this plan seeing Moses’ sacrificial heart and his love to his nation. We should follow his example.

The construction of the building of the church “Philadelphia” is finishing. That is why Dmitrij Vladykin suggested intensifying prayers for its completion and for all the documents for bringing it into service. Moreover, he drew attention of the whole church to several verses from the Bible. In Matthew 5:43-44 Jesus tells about love to enemies. Sometimes we treat even our relatives without love, but Christ raises the standard very high. It is crucial to remember that we can love our enemies only because of God’s love. In Luke 12:15-34 the Lord though the parable explains His followers that God should come first, and we should be rich toward God. Another interesting remark was about the episode when Jesus was in the boat with His disciples and the storm started. Jesus was sleeping and the disciples worried and woke Him up. He calmed the wind. The disciples had all the reasons to worry, because they cared. In this example we see the image of the church. If we care about something concerning the church, if we pray for that and sacrifice something — it means we are in one boat. The pastor called for further commitment in serving God in church.



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