On Sunday - 16th, February, - the senior pastor of "Philadelphia" Church, Izhevsk, preached about a betrayal, shame and loyalty. Remember the Last Supper (Matthew, 26): whom did Christ share it with? Those, who run away, when the danger came (verse 56), Judas, who betrayed Him (47-50), Peter, who was ashamed to accept he knew Christ (69-75). It seems there is no difficulty for Christ to say: "Look, all you've done is useless and all Your friends and disciples are betrayers". Sometimes we think this way, seeing the uselessness of our work and our good inputs. Christ and His disciples should be out of conceit with everything, but Christ, having risen from death, sent an Angel with a decree: "But go, tell My disciples and Peter, ‘I am going ahead of you into Galilee". He called on both disciples and Peter particularly, having let him know, He still loved and waited for them.

The server noticed the difference between Peter, who was ashamed to accept Jesus, and Judas, who betrayed for money. As we know, Peter's act was spontaneous and unconscious, so he regrets having done and cried. Judas was the onу who did it on purpose. Envy or rage or the love of money played Old Harry with him. Just as Peter, he regretted having done this, but opposite to Peter, he didn't repent. During the Last Supper Jesus told about Judas' action: "It would be better for him if he had not been born" (Matthew 26:24). Here Jesus shows the difference between Judas' act and Peter's offence: Judas has planned everything and he could never hope to be with Jesus again. This is why he returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and hanged himself.

When it comes to Peter, it is all different. He did not plan his fall, he was loyal to Jesus and "hot" for Him, he just couldn't stand the temptation. "Sometimes people of this kind have to spend years to be with Christ again - the pastor noticed - but they still have hope". "No one calls their children "Judas" - he continued - but the betrayal is still here". We disown Christ and people thousands times per life, but every time Christ is waiting for us to return. May God help us to be hot for Him, like Peter, not planning our falls, like Judas, but repent and come to Him after every falling.


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