19 Jan 2014

Life in worship

Have you ever thought, how does the Paradise look like? What are you going to do, what will be your house? Bible says, the most time (if not saying "all time") we are going to spend praising God. Bible also says that the Heavenly Kingdom has come near to us. It means the part of that paradise, of God's presence is opened here and now, conditions of the Heavenly Kingdom are active here and now as well. There will be many things, unusual for us that will wonder us; nevertheless, in our world we can partially do what we will do in Paradise. It will look weird and require more abandon, but this is the truth. Looking at God's grace, we can be transformed into His image and learn praising Him here (2 Corinthians 3:18). Men's faith grows from the Word of God. The time that we spend for hearing the words from God will be returned to us with incommensurable abundance of His presence. These are important things pastor Sergey Tensin preached about on January, 19 on the sermon of "Philadelphia" Church, Izhevsk.

Before the communion pastor Oleg Malikh reminded the conjugation that as Christ's followers, we have to remember about Christ's sacrifice and understand, what He has done for us. Dying on the cross 2000 years ago, He left His life for us to replace our spoiled one. He didn't want to punish but looked forward a possibility to pardon. Breaking the loaf of bread we must remember we do it because we understand His sacrifice and we remember it.



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