In today's world, full of evil and hatred, sinking into the mire of bad one can't just be out of the position. Being higher that any states' borders, Bible defines its own understanding of  positions: there is God's side and the opposite side, Devil's one. When one state marchs against other one people should understand: there is no God's favour in the blood policy. it is enough to look at how God asks Cain, the murderer of his own brother: " Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground" (Genesis 4:10). When looking on people of different state, what is the first thought that comes to our minds? do we think these are people of other nationality or they are children of God as well? Such "shifted" point of view (the first one) leads to nationalism or religious impatience, its goal is to embroil people and to devide churches. Yes, we are to remember where are we from, we are to know our history, but it should never be a discord issue.

One can't move to prosperity, leaving rivers of blood behind his back. Cain wanted to kill brother not to leave God any choice: "You have only me to love" - so people, who are stick to nationalistic ideas and annihilate others, are doing the same. "But Christians have other methods of reaching the well-being" - the senior pastor of Philadelphia church, Izhevsk, Pavel Zhelnovakov noticed on the sermon of March, 9th. "Christians have prayer and blessing. don't say it doesn't work - why then does Bible write about it? God changes such things "not by human hands" - he summed up, quoting a part of Daniel's prophecy, that tells about the establishing the Kingdom of God (Daniel 2:44-45).


Undiligent command

The break point of the world’s life