«The first and the most fatal lie is lying to yourself» - Ilias Mukhametdinov preached on the sermon of «Philadelphia» church on July, 6. A man has learnt how to lie since the very beginning of the humanity - from the Eden. A man lied to himself, having believed the words of a Snake: «You will not die». So he convinced himself the opposite and ate from the Tree of Good and Evil. Devil had nothing, but man, coming away and away from God, gave him a power to control man and then stuck into this slavery.

Ilias noticed: sometimes we play the fox and lie to people, but first we try to convince ourselves all is well. We invent different creepholes to make our excuse sound well, adult-like. But in fact we just low bow to devil, who makes everything he can for our falling.  

The Gospel of Matthew tells about Christ's temptation in the desert. One can point out this episode because devil offers all kingdoms of the world and all splendor for being worshiped (Matthew 4:8-10). Our Savior understood very well Devil owned nothing from that list; but due to the fact that we, people, give something to him, devil becomes the owner. Jesus answers this: «Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only».

The youth pastor Vladimir Batalov preached about «those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God» (Romans 8:8). The pastor persuaded, there must be some boundaries of patience and reserve, where a Christian should stay. Temptations will come and come - time to time to each one of us - but that's not the reason to come off and do something «human», «do it well and truly». We still are to be patient, to love, not to leave a handle. Paul the Apostle told about himself: «I face death every day» (1 Corinthians 15:31).  And this is how we are to by the Spirit we are to «put to death the misdeeds of the body» and to remember we are first Christians, and then citizens, husbands, wives, fathers, co-workers and so on - this is where we can start talking about claiming rights, our comfort, freedom and other human privileges. 


Incredible nature of God

Being free