30 Mar 2014

Beyond the individual self

Lets pretend you hired the  builders to have them built your house. What would you do when you find out that it's already a month they've been working and the process hasn't come along yet? You are likely to doubt the competence of the builders and turn them off. Bible says there are such "builders" among the Christians, those who are not aware of the thing they are building. They carry, knead and walk - and just muddle about with no results. Ilyas Mukhametdinov, the server of "Philadelphia" church talked about people who have lost their goal on Sunday sermon, March, 30th.

"To be a fanatic - is to be a person that has missed his goal but has doubled his efforts to reach it" - Ilyas reminded us the familiar term. One day God addressed His people through Isaiah: "The multitude of your sacrifices-what are they to me? ? <...> When you come to appear before me, who has asked this of you, this trampling of my courts? Stop bringing meaningless offerings! <...>Your New Moon feasts and your  appointed festivals I hate with all my being. They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them" (Isaiah 1:11-14). What does the Lord do? He's literally turning the builders off: "I am weary of bearing it, I am weary of financing such building!" Sometimes we miss the path. We pay to much attention to the things that are not worthy. We don't like this and that - but God forfend us from making something with our own hands! We keep pointing out the things of minor importance and start "trampling" the courts  without any thought and goal; we're like beggars, waiting for our needs to be met while forgetting about the real purpose of ours.

It seems God doesn't mind people coming to the church. But He gave His life to create this church. Let us not diminish His sacrifice with our levity and laziness.

Pavel Zhelnovakov, the  senior pastor of the church talked about quite the same topic. "Picture yourself to be a governor of the city with 5000 people in it, and each person wants life to center around him. The choice you have is easy: you either lay down or retire with some metal disease."Once people start thinking with self-centering "It should be this way not another because I say so!", any relationship start crumbling. They simply say: "Leave me as I'm too good for you!". One can smell some of Christian nationalism.

Bible says: "Deny yourself" (Matthew 16:24). Does it mean we are to cave in to everyone and value ourselves as nothing? Are we to be sort of a blotter-man? No, the point is not our personality but the life of others. Stop thinking that you're unique, stop thinking the way hundred-percenters think. Stop thinking about your claims and think about people around you.

Pastor suggested that we should take a look to the history of the world: people did lots of things, they were fighting for so many rights, liberties and good ideas, but when did it cause good? Only when these people denied themselves and thought about others. One can achieve equality, democracy, minorities rights abidance, fixed pension, authorities attention and timely discharge of obligations -  everything to have comfortable life,  but what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? (Matthew 16:26)



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