The Bible says that we are the children of Abraham by faith, and, therefore, we are the heirs of the promises God has made to him. The epistle to the Hebrews says Abraham and his wife Sarrah were people of faith, and though such statement seems to be wrong, they retained us good example to follow - the story of their life (Genesis, Ch. 15-18, 20-22). On the sermon in Philadelphia church on June, 29th, senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov talked about the way they walked, learning to think "together" .

Abraham was 75 when he left Carran and went to Canaan lands. Afterwards he saw God Who came to him and promised to give him a heir - because until this time his wife Sarrah was infertile. Although God often lets us reach complete weakness, this is what Abraham reached either. It was clear to Sarrah that she is unable to give a birth to a child so she suggested that Abraham should make her server his concubine - and here Abraham, aged 86, became a father of Ismail. This was the human solution for God's promise. But God had different mind, later He came to Abraham again and said that it would be Sarra who is to give a birth to his heir. From the point of Sarrah, what Abraham did may be called the separation, as far as there was no connection between Ismail posterity and Sarrah. But the word from God clearly forbad Abraham to think of himself separately from Sarrah. Only after this they had son Isaac. This is the way they walked to realize deep truth of God: they learned how to plan their life together.

All this time God was with Abraham and Sarrah, He walked them this way. And another thing to say is that He may not give a second chance. "Never let your heart think that someone else could have been with you because this ruins the plans God has for you", - this was the conclusion pastor made.


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