21 Sep 2014

Communion and involvment

On 21st of September, the senior pastor of «Philadelphia» church Pavel Zhelnovakov preached on Sunday's sermon. He started his thoughts about communion with 1 Corinthians, 11. Communion brings different blessings in our lives upon our spirit, soul and body. It may bring no blessings if only our relation towards other people became cold and apathetical. One can take New Testament's story about people, coming before the throne of the Lord, as a warning. God didn't dispose of their arguments about prophesizing and making miracles in Jesus's name, but He forsook them because they did no good to other people.  

Being on the top of His ministry, Jesus started to tell His disciples about coming suffering. Disciples has just seen the Transfiguration of Christ, possessed boy has just been miraculously healed. Disciples did not understand Jesus's words. Christ is the One, Who knows everyone's heart, He knew the meaning of His words would be hidden from them. So why did He tell them it? Paul the Apostle also taught us to tell the truth, to counsel in time and not in time. Jesus told «to put words into ears», and this requires some efforts. There is a place for delight and joy in our life, but we still have to remember about people's pain and not to turn away from it, even if we have to face it in not comfortable time. Any delight should never stop us from seeing the mystery and experience of the cross! The main thing in Christianity is not the list of rules and laws, but loving God and people. Real mercy, which is Christianity' feature, goes along with involvement and sympathy to people's sufferings and experiences.

The communion makes us think seriously about our relation to other people. It somehow asks the question - whether we care about other people's lives or not? It is called to refresh our sympathy and mercy to people; it strains our care about their pain, stresses and destinies.  



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