On August, 3rd, Sunday's sermons of «Philadelphia» Church, Izhevsk, were dedicated to fellowship with God and fighting against sin.

The service was started by Aleksej Korepanov: «This day was created by the Lord. May the joy, the God gives us, be perfect. John 3:16 ... For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. We are to thank God for His love and keep our hearts in peace and calm».

After words of blessing, church prayed for people's needs and praised God, being built up by spiritual songs.

Then children came to the stage - one more team just came back from the camp on Selichka River. Telling about God's support and help, Elena Sapogova also shared main theme of the camp: «You are special. Just like others». Kids sang a song and church blessed them to develop into perception of the Lord.

The pastor Dmitri Vladikin also held a word of perception: «God told to seek His face. It is not about some particular day, it is about always. God created us with an ability to communicate with Him. We had this ability before the fall, so sin can't destroy this ability in us. God's wish is to communicate with us like with children. When praying, we ask God as a Father - this is how the spirit of adoption works in us. What separates us from God is unbelief, non-forgiveness, asks for the bad, bad relationships with spouses, annoyance, anger, evil talks. It all offends the Holy Spirit. God offers us changes and He has an answer for us».

The pastor Aleksey Korepanov continued the topic of spiritual cleanup: «How to fight with sin? Sometimes Christians like going with the stream through the easy way out with no burdens. But one can't reach up for the Heavenly Kingdom without any efforts. If there is no effort - the path is twisted like a river. John the Baptizer told we should make our ways straight. This is what heroes of the faith teach us to do. No matter how hard it went with Daniel, he kept himself loyal to God and God was with him».



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