07 Sep 2014

From pride to humbleness

On September, 7th, Ilyas Mukhametdinov preached at the Sunday's sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk. He spoke about fruitless fig tree that was given a second chance - it is a well-known Christ's proverb, where the vine dresser asked the master not to cut the fruitless fig tree over (Luke 13:1-9). Ilyas somehow changed the common way of understanding the proverb (Christ, as a vine dresser, begs God) and offered the conjugation think of themselves as a vine dressers of the Heavenly Kingdom. The server stressed on sharing the gospel. Time passes and due to we constantly learn the Word of God it becomes easier and easier for us to live «righteous» life in front of other people  - we even get a custom to do right things. But at the same time it becomes harder and harder to tell people about Christ. Ilyas offered to be very attentive towards such fig trees not to be fruitless to the time of the Second Coming.

The senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov spoke about humbleness. He gave the definition. Humbleness is a state of heart, when a man assumes an absolute Goвы will for his life. Humbleness has no connection with infirmity and a fear that someone will takes your decisions. God offers us to accept His almighty hand; it means person should understand his real status in the world, created by God. God plans for us life of being in chime with Him - if we prefer to live for ourselves, we arrogance, our pride shows itself. The result is either loss of fellowship with God or great pain, punishment. It happens because God opposes proud people. It is important to remember there is no middle between being humble and being proud - we either give ourselves to God or we lose His presence. The bishop offered us to remember it and let God lead our lives, understanding His complete right for it.



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