28 Sep 2014

Higher to God

On Sunday's sermon, 28th of September, of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, pastor Aleksej Korepanov spoke about God, Who lives in high. «Their gods are gods of the hills» - this is what the Syrians told about Hebrews when fighting against Israel (1 Kings 20:23), The Syrians understood, God of Hebrews is on the high, if He lives on the earth, He is somewhere in the mountains - at some unapproachable place, where a man can not live. Christians are to understand it deeply and treat it as a vivid expression. Psalms singer writes «I lift my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from» (Psalms 120:1-2). We shouldn't wait until God will come to us; we are to climb up to Him. This is what Moses did when climbed up to the mountain to get the law. There are times, when God opens to us where we are; and there are times when we have to seek God so He would open Himself by all means. The last somehow means climbing up the mountain - it is difficult and uncomfortable, it is dangerous and it catches your breath. But when we go to Him on high, we see earth from His point, we get to know Him and we start to see what He sees. We start to value Him, love His creation and love the words He says. Our mind must be fulfilled with joy that our God is God of the hills.

Ilyas Mukhametdinov spoke about playing hide-and-seek with God. Sometimes we, people, treat each other with indignity: we keep the distance, we don't want to talk, hide our eyes and go past, ignore handshaking or simply pretend the person in front of us doesn't exist. Such behavior is offensive and sometimes it injures more than uncovered war. Ilyas compared the Old Testament story with the same hide-and-seek game: people ignored God, pretending He doesn't exist; they worshiped other gods, while God tried and tried to look into their eyes. We can call it a dilemma: God, Who knows everything, couldn't find them. The Server reminded of a blind man, who - after the news that Christ is going past - started to scream: «Son of David! Have mercy on me!» (Luke 18:35-43). We, who forgot how to see clearly, must learn from this blind man how to strive for God to finally have the fellowship with Him.



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