On August, 17th, the pastor of Ustinov district Dmitri Vladikin opened the Sunday's sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, with the word he wanted to share. All believers want to know God's will for their life. So what is God's will for us? Everyone needs to live in the way that is holy and honorable (1 Thessalonians 4:1-7). We should learn everything, we were not born with natural abilities, knowledge and skills. So just in the same way a man needs to keep himself holy. Holiness is staying separately from the sin which is impossible to earn. In the time of the Old Testament people were consecrated by animal's blood. In the time of New Testament we became holy not because of our deeds but because of our status through the blood and victim of Jesus Christ. But our flesh stops our consecrating; due to it is our sinful nature. It can't obey God and practically doesn't want to. Christians always face the choice - to listen to the flesh or the voice of a new-born spirit. So the task is to accept the side of spirit by our minds! If we sink into sin knowing Christ the worst betrayal and surrender, mockery under the saving victim of Jesus Christ happens. So that's why Christians should live for God and defeat flesh by our minds.

The worship pastor Sergey Tensin put clear borders between the salvation and service. Some people think they can earn salvation through serving God, but it is not true. Salvation is the process that we do, this process is connected with our spiritual growing. In spite of physiological one, spiritual growing is our choice and demands efforts. It is bad when a person is stuck in spiritual childhood, God wants our mature. Without inner changes there is no sense in changing our behavior. It is necessary to finally deny old custom and interests, just like the ship turns into 180 degrees. But we can't change by our own. We can only be changed through working with the Holy Spirit. God works in us to will and to act (Philippians 2:12-13), so we could serve Him with our abilities. Saving is not about self-expression or self-definition. We should use ourselves right where we are but not getting ahead of ourselves. God holds all the times and terms, we need His control. The sermon was ended with the celebration of the Holy Communion.



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