God's nature is incredible, it has been shown in the great sacrifice on the cross, and it is really difficult to understand and learn it. How did God decide to show His love in this particular way to us, people who betrayed Him and got into sin? On the Sunday sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, on July 13th, pastor Yuri Baburin spoke about fellowship between God and man, that is possible due to the fact that God Himself came closer to us and gave us hope for eternal life in His Kingdom. God shows us Himself, when we are open to His Word. He gradually leads us on new levels of fellowship with Him, when opens His plans, lets us taking part in it, helps to make it real. This is really nice, but on the other hand it's a great responsibility, but God helps us to go through it.

The senior pastor of «Philadelphia» church Pavel Zhelnovakov directed people's attention to the resent actions on the Middle East. Again mutual shell attacks between Israel and the Gaza Strip are back, people are dying. Sometimes it's hard to understand someone's pain, when the war is far away from your home. Since recently, there is a flashpoint on the Russia's borders - the Ukraine. The bishop offered people to think, why Hebrew have been suffering from different persecutions for all ages. They lost their country after being conquered by Babylonians and then Persians. To the time of Christ Palestine became a part of Roman Empire. The state Israel appeared on the map only to the middle of XX cent.

Many people tried to wipe up this nation. Hitler took very serious try. But despite all this the nation is still here, because these people are blessed by the Lord. Just the same Balaam the prophet failed cursing upon Hebrew, according to the Old Testament. No one can pronounce a curse upon those, who are blessed by God. Hebrew's sufferings are results of heedlessly spoken words by their ancestry to Pilate. The crowd wanted him to commit Jesus Christ to death, but roman Procurator found no guilt. Then the crowd shouted: «Crucify Him! His blood is upon us and our children». The Pilate washed his hands symbolically. People didn't recognize the Messiah in Jesus Christ. Only His disciples saw that He was the One who brought a salvation and faith to both Hebrew and all humanity.

Весть евангелия до сих пор не проникла в сердца многих представителей этого народа, и нам нужно молиться о них, об утешении от Бога во время их страданий. Этот народ действительно нуждается в нашем ходатайстве перед Господом.

The Gospel still stays separately from many Hebrews and we are to pray for them that God will console them when they are suffering. These people really needs our mediation before God.


Fellowship with God and fighting the sin

Holiness, salvation and serving