05 Oct 2014

Lost blessings

On the sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, on October, 5th, Ilyas Mukhametdinov spoke about Christians. Sometimes we don't actually understand our status in Heavenly Kingdom. Taking Paul's words (Romans 8:14-17) as a basement, he reminded about our relationship: we are brothers and sisters in Christ, we are children of God and His hairs, we have some privileges and also conditions in our status. We are able not to live in a fear, we are able to live in His glory, but only if we share His part, His mission in everything. Ilyas compared our fellowship with God with relationships between child, who climbed up the tree and his father. The higher we climb the tree, the longer distance between you and Father God is, the more terrible falling is expected, and the more painful it is, so the understanding of how much we were wrong becomes more serious. Sometimes we feel guilty and we think: wouldn't it be easier to jump not into father's arms, but past it and get crashed? We surely forget father won't harbor bad feelings for us, if we don't run to him. We start to feel ashamed because we understand that we lied: today we say «sorry» and tomorrow we again go astray. There is no that «tomorrow» for God, He forgives absolutely. 

The senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov preached about lost blessings. No matter how strange it sounds, blessings are not of universal nature, if we lose it once it will never return. We can lose God's blessings and the reason for it - is an existence of conditions for accepting the grace. So, for instance, during the Moses days Hebrews crossed the sea on the dry land and saw many blessings, but God «didn't favor them». They lost their blessings and were destroyed from the face of the earth because of their uncontrollable wish to do evil (1 Corinthians 10:1-12). In the Epistle to Corinthians Paul the Apostle calculates sins, that has drown Hebrews away from God: it is idolization, fornication, tempting God and exclamation. Hebrews, who got the blessing before, didn't accept it to their life, didn't keep it in minds, didn't remind it to ourselves and, as far as they have forgotten it, got corrupted.



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