From 19th to 27th of July the youth ministry of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, holds on-site open-air sermon near the Vala river, the Mojga region of the Udmurt Republic. Tent camp lasts 9 days and this year it becomes special - it is anniversary. It's 10th summer camp, organized by our youth ministry, where everyone is welcome, from wherever he is.

We took «Dedicated summer» as the name of out camp. We are going to have time of very special seeking for God's face, waiting for His answers, taking serious decisions and refreshing our understanding of the dedication to God. The list of pastors, who are going to hold the word these days, is still forming.

The program contains: morning and evening sermons including worship time, preaching and prayers; small groups; sport, art and entertainment activities; table and active games, volleyball, football, darts, frisbee, badminton and so on; interesting communication and new acquaintances; beach and river itself, living in tents, 3 meals daily + snack.  


Pavel Zhelnovakov, the senior pastor of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, the bishop, the deputy of  the senior Bishop of the Russian Evangelical Church in Privolzhsky and Ural Regions; 
Vladimir Batalov, the youth pastor of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, who is in charge of the youth ministry in Privolzhsky and Ural Regions; 
Aleksey Ivshin, the senior pastor of «Bojya Blagodat» church, Izhevsk, the leader of rehab ministry of the Russian Evangelical Church; 
Philip Renner, the leader of the youth worship ministry of «Blagaya Vest» church, Moscow.

The total cost is 2500 rub. You may come for a shorter period; the total cost will be counted in accordance with the number of days.

Принять участие в выезде «Посвященное лето» может любой желающий от 15 до 30 лет вне зависимости от религиозных, политических взглядов и социального положения.

Any person from 15 to 30, whatever his religious, political opinions or social status are can come to the camp «Dedicated summer».

You can find detailed information on our web-site, where it is regularly refreshes, and in our group on «ВКонтакте». Also there you can ask any questions you need to know.

Registration for «Dedicated summer» has already been started:

Natalia Karlina +7 (929) 277-14-15, and Alisa Zorkina +7 (919) 910-20-06,



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