02 Feb 2014

Prayer and forgiveness


On February, 2nd, the youth pastor Vladimir Batalov preached on the sermon of "Philadelphia" church, Izhevsk. He spoke about staying in prayer before God.

Sometimes people in church come to pastors and ask for a prayer. Meanwhile, we are not faithful enough that God will help, we just consider prayer as an alternative way: "this time it may help". Some preachers mention believing people, who are willing to pray for them, coming to them and being ready to receive the answer. We are often in a lack of it. Pastor pointed out some key points, preventing us from the praying. It is unbelief that is often connected with our prayer "experience", when God was "silent". We don't expect God to answer this particular time. We often do not want to pray, because we are to do it unceasingly and deep, throwing ourselves into this. Prayer demands tension, honesty and frankness. As one can notice, it is not the disadvantage. Vice versa, it says about its importance and earnest.

Prayer teaches us to love. One cannot come to God on special conditions. God tunes in to those, who are looking for Him, who watch themselves and strain after His image. The entire idea of confessing our own sins before God teaches us to forgive others, acquit them into our own eyes and love them.

Pastor Oleg Malikh told about forgiveness and acceptance. "We all stumble in many ways" - James wrote (James 3:2). Oddly to say, that's the reason for me to forgive others' sins. But Christ goes further: forgive then love the person. And mother Theresa repeats after Him: "'If you judge people, you have no time to love them." People spend so much time to judge someone but spend no minute to acquit him in their eyes, while Jesus has lived His whole Life and has given it for a particular aim : to acquit everyone, who will ask. Ask yourself: what was so special about us that He had seen that He decided to acquit us?





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