01 Jul 2014

Refugees of the Ukraine

The House of Prayer of «Philadelphia» Church, Izhevsk, is ready to temporary place in refugees from the Ukraine. For the recent time a number of people from South-West regions of the neighboring state, where army actions are on, to Russia has grown. According to mass-media, there are more than 600 refugees on the territory of Udmurtia.

The republic is preparing temporary accommodation for them. The leaders of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, is ready to invite people of the Ukraine in the House of Prayer on Truda St., 19. 20 people can live here. They will stay in 6 rooms with all needed conditions. The information was sent in the Departament of the Federal Migration Service for Udmurtia.

During these months church sympathizes people of the Ukraine and prays for peace to come to this country.



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