01 Jun 2014

Rules of veneration

On June, 1st, Sunday, the pastor of the church «Libov Hrista», Asbest (the Sverdlovsk Region), Andrei Berdishev preached on the sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk. Andrei Valentinovich spoke about spiritual discipline: «God do have His own wishes, but He also has laws. These laws come before wishes. For example, God told Adam and Eve: «Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth» - but He gave the law to keep the Sabbath saint as the last day of Creation before it». This is why if you want to follow God's will; you should first start from following His laws - to read and to discipline yourself spiritually. Based on the Epistle to Timothy (1 Timothy 4:6-16) Andrei pointed out three rules: there is a rule of feeding, a rule of abstention and the rule of veneration.

Seven sons of Judaic priest Sceva tried to exorcize demons from the person with Christ's name (Acts 19:13-16). But the person said: «Jesus I know..., but who are you?» and then they ran out of the house naked and bleeding. So if we eat God knows what - serials, rumors, some literature - during the week but not God's Word and come to the church at Sunday and stand against evil spiritual world, that world will ask us: «Who are you?» We need our everyday secret room - a place of personal fellowship with God. Christ has shown these relationships through His life: He left people and went to the desert to pray. He knew tomorrow no miracle, no healing, no word for people would be, if there is no fellowship with the Father today. A Christian needs healthy and everyday's spiritual feeding.

Sometimes people come and point at some act of behavior: «Is it a sin or not?», meaning «How close can I come to sin doing nothing wrong?» Thinking like this Christians go to the wrong surface and judge by wrong motives. You are better to ask yourself: «Can I be more saint?» and here is where our abstention comes - keep your heart  for God's wishes, not for yours.

Train yourself in devotion (veneration) so that devotion will define your existence.

Andrei Valentinovich summed up: «We can lift ourselves upper and upper, we can reach really high goals but we will be the unhappiest people, if to the end of our life we find out that we have put the stair to the wrong wall».

After that the senior pastor of «Philadelphia» church Pavel Zhelnovakov spoke about faith given to the saints. All new directions of the world lead us to the faith in the Internet, luck, psychology and deny all faiths that are older - astrology, myths, and superstitions. It rises advisability and anxiousness but also over-incredulity. A relation to Bible comes along. The world offers to keep a lot of things: clothes, some architecture monuments, books, paintings and history - but Bible teaches: «Contend for the faith», «guard your heart,for everything you do flows from it». Think, can we keep the faith, given us by Christ, denying sticking to the truth of God?



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