You must have ever asked yourself a question, just like me: «What have God done for me?» it happens when some circumstances have already passed, we become somehow deaf and blind to our previous discovers of God and it becomes very difficult to remind it to ourselves. «What have God done for me?» - we ask and ask this question so the armor of our forgetting becomes harder and harder.  

On the sermon of Izhevsk Philadelphia church - May, 25 - pastor Aleksey Korepanov gave a very interesting example of some case on the war. One soldier was injured and he asked his fellow to help him to lie down. When his friend helped him, he asked for something for his neck. That man put off his coat and gave it to the injured soldier. Then he said: «I'm cold». The second man took off his shirt and covered the man. Then the soldier said: «Can you read me the Word of God?»

«In this or that way we all are injured inside» - the pastor summed up. We can feel no wish to read the Bible, to talk to God or notice His presence everywhere, because some soul injure burns inside, having all our attention. «But God has proved His love to us with word and act, He loves us till the end» - the pastor said. Christ comes and heals not only our spirit, but also our soul. He gives us perfect life. So he wants us to behave the same: to back each other up by acts and communication - we all are able to do this. Everyone is able to «wash feet» (soul), while the body  (spirit) is already washed by our Lord (John 13:1-7).

The youth pastor Vladimir Batalov told about new position of being called by God. Korean pastor David Yonggi Cho went for a walk with a kitten in the field. When kitten found a mouse he got scared and run back to pastor. David laughed: «One day you'll grow up and understand it's mouse that must be scared, not you».

When God came into our lives He brought our calling back and gave us a new position - an impress of the Holy Spirit. «You are going to grow up and see more!» Vladimir, remembering his Christian life, it's being complicated and confused, pointed out: «God promised He would care about me and He never failed». God looks for trust. What if we risk trusting Him more, to give Him all our wishes and difficulties more often? God said: «Test me in this - if I will pour out so much blessing?»(Malachi 3:10). It is not that God assumes it to us, but He offers: «Try to think like this and test Me». Just think: God is neither blind or deaf, He is not helpless, His acts start at the beginning anв finish in the very end (Revelation 1:8). He is with us for all this time, hears every tired inhale and sees any difficulty, No doubts, He controls all this. «He knows everything about me» - the pastor admires. Say it every day «I'm not on my own» - and see how God is going to show Himself. Because He never fails.

Egor Gvozdikov



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