On December, 27th, Ilyas Mukhametdinov preached on the sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk. He offered to consider Christmas as a family holiday to spend it at our homes. While there are people who don't understand the real meaning of Christmas, it's not the time to separate ourselves from them. The News about birth of Christ were given to all people, it brought the Good News to all people from everywhere. Ilyas summed up Christmas can be a starting point, when Christ is born in us («He is in me and I am in Him»), giving us strength to forgive, to love and to be thankful. God feels our pain in its full measure.  As well as He feels our joy. It's a good reason to fell His close presence.

The senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov spoke about the sacrifice of Father God. Christ's birth is a breaking point, it's an agreement of God to be physically born and then die for the world's sins, and it is a final decision being carried out. Pavel Ivanovich shared his spiritual experience: once God asked him a question «Are you ready to give your son for death?» The pastor said he realized it's not God, striving for unreasoned blood, but the question really meant: «Now do you understand, what price I paid? » In the end pastor asked another question: «Was it that much serious that we needed such serious sacrifice? » We can ask ourselves this questions during these days and re-estimate its meaning in our lives.

During the sermon Udmurt groups «Inkrez» and «Shumpoton» congratulated the church with Christmas and sang a worldwide known song «Silent Night» in Udmurt language. 


Stay in faith