13 Apr 2014

The great power

"Incomparably great power for us"- Bible says (Ephesians 1:19). What is the nature of this power, how it works, from where it comes and where it goes - this was what the senior pastor of "Philadelphia" Church, Izhevsk, preached about on April, 13.

Some says, we no longer have this power in us. But Bible says the opposite: it will be with us until the very Second coming of Christ. For some reasons - clear or hidden, sideway - we deny this power. God's power, being able to heal diseases and to rise from the death, becomes something extinct and powerless in our hands. So the power of God stops before unbelief. It never suppresses, never makes decisions for a man and never intrudes. It's only when you call God consciously and consciously want to use His power in you - then it appears. May God give us more wisdom and trust to His words for us and easy believe Him and be suspicious towards doubtful ways. 



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