02 Nov 2014

To know God

On November, 2nd, Pavel Zhelnovakov preached about spiritual poverty on Sunday's sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk. According to him, spiritual poverty or poverty of spirit, spiritual ignorance are born from not knowing God's character and, as a result, wrong relation to the Church. Wise versa, understanding of Christian way and soundness depends on the level of knowing God and constant re-estimating the importance of His Church - surely, we take its importance in His eyes.

Knowing God gives us blessing and direction for our life. We meet a Person, with Whom we are going to spend eternity. Knowing God keeps us safe from heretical thoughts, it protects our mind from temptations and lies. Knowing God helps us to understand God is many-sided, wide and great. «Our God is not only love, truth and way, but also a fire» - pastor noticed. God has been showing Himself to people during all human history in different names and faces.

Church is the society of Heavenly Kingdom, God has planned it from the very beginning. Thinking in God's Spirit means understanding His plan and - His church. Denying church or neglecting it means burdening and impoverishing your soul and spirit. And wise versa, accepting it and taking part in its life will revive you.

Also in terms of a sermon believers prayed for further ministry of Vladimir Piguzov, who asked to relieve him from the responsibility for being a pastor of Pervomajski district of Izhevsk due to difficult health status. Pavel Ivanovich noticed, Christians do not get a «retirement» after reaching an honorable age, the go to different level of serving and continue following their calling depending on health conditions. 



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