From 14th to 16th of December «Philadelphia» church set the youth conference «Together only» in Izhevsk. More than 300 people from churches of Izhevsk, Vitkinsk, Selti, Uva, Sharkan (Udmurtia), Kazan, Naberezhnie Chelni (Tatarstan), Chaikovski (Perm) took part in it, there were also guests from another regions. Servers of friendly church in Tampere, Finland - Pekka Ulenius, Usko Katto and Joona Salo - were announced speakers. Participants of youth missionary team «Year of jubilee» leaded master-classes. These young people have been serving in Udmurtia for the last three week.

Teenagers and both youth groups leaded the worship. Everyone could buy the CD «Only You alone», which was recorded under the leading of Vasili Shklyaev, all songs are written by him when doing his ministry. The group chose the name «Iota».  

The main topic of the conference was chosen with the purpose to put special attention to stay unite with other believers, also the meaning of cell-groups as to spiritual growing and sharing the Gospel was pointed out.

The server from Samara - who is carrying the ministry in Izhevsk at the moment - Alexandr Bogdanov opened the conference. He pointed out that we are all called to share to Gospel; and it's very important to have zeal of labour, that we do for God, in heart. He will definitely bless us with the fruits. The slogan «Together only» reminds, any deed is successful, if it's been doing in cooperation. Somebody seeds, somebody waters, somebody reaps, but God nurtures.

The next day of the conference was really filled with useful words by servers of Finland. Pastor of the church in Tampere Usko Katto put special attention in his sermon Jesus Christ started His ministry with starting the cell group. He put all efforts in 12 young disciples. Cell groups are effective for the youth ministries to help people spiritually grow.  It's a place where we are so close that we can't fall. Those, who are beside, will help us to stay, when we face some problems.

The server Pekka Ulenius when preaching for the youth, mentioned the truth form the Lord is not for personal salvation, but for us to bring love, joy, the meaning of life and God's truth to others. God calls us to be active - not to seat in the hall, but go to the play field, act and serve. It's important to be open to people, not being focused on communication with people in church, but accepting non-believers and serving them.

Salo spoke about the value of a cell group in terms of growing disciples for Christ. He spoke about his own experience and gave some pieces of advice about how to make these meetings warmer and more useful. It's important to set friendly relationships between cell-group members so they could trust each other.

After this the participants of the conference had an opportunity to take part in some master-classes. Joona gathered those who serve and who want to serve in worship. Usko set up the meeting with cell-group leaders and answered their questions. Members of a team «Year of jubilee» also organized master-classes. Dmitri Bushter spoke about personal evangelism, Anya Khoruzhaia - ministry through creativity, Yuri Gribakin - sharing th Gospel through sport, Sveta Dolgova spoke about problems of labour and sexual human trafficking today.

At the third day of the conference Pekka Ulenius preached on the Sunday morning's sermon of «Philadelphia» Church of Izhevsk. Jesus warned us about this world that it never be peaceful. But Jesus Christ has overcome the world. Calling new generation, God gives the power and sends us upon the read.
Joona Salo preached on the conference's end. He compared using different services like Instagram and following Christ. We are deeply interested in celebrities' lives in social network, but we have no personal relations with them. It comes to different point when we speak about Christ. It's not enough to know Jesus, but to know Him personally, have fellowship with Him. The preacher ended with a prayer for those who serve and want refreshment.

As part of the conference participants had great opportunities to find new friends, to communicate, to play different games and simply drink hot tea with cookies. After-parties were organized for that purpose.

Conference organizers hope, what was told will help to straighten relationships in youth ministries in different churches, to increase the «quality» of cell-groups and induce to serve God more and more. Next year on March, 27th - 29th young people of Udmurtia and also of Privolzhski and Ural regions are welcome to the conference.

All sermons from the conference «Tolko vmeste» («Together only») are available on the web-site





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