10 Aug 2014

Types of excuses

On 10th of August Sunday's sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, started with the words of pastor Oleg Malikh: «Tell me, did you come here today just because you had to? Or did you come to meet Christ?» Some people raised their hands to show they've come with the purpose, not because they had to. It is important to understand what or who is our reason for going to the services. It is better if our reason is meeting Loving Lord.

It has become a good tradition that every group of children, having come back from the camp, meets the conjugation and sings a song to tell about their faith and get the blessing prayer from the church. The young team sang a song «One family in Christ». The leader of the team Zulia Vochkanova told about actions of God during the camp.

After the prayer the pastor of «Philadelphia» church in Naberejnie Chelni Sergey Kudrin came to the stage. After saying thanks for prayers and material support in buying a hall for their meetings, pastor offered people to think over and get a spiritual saturation a question of making excuses. In what status do we stay before God? Is an excuse a question of feelings or fact? This question has spiritual and juridical nature. So, the Romans 14:7 says the righteousness takes first place. The armor of righteousness is impenetrable. So what are types of righteousness and what are types of excuses? 1) Self-excuse 2) By acts 3) By faith.

In the first case even the Nazi justified their acts and didn't consider it as a crime. But the Nuremberg trial put everything on its places. A man with darkened heart tries to find another system of axes in his attempts to find an excuse before conscience and God.

In the second case we face the hypocrisy, judged by Christ. Sin can be known through the law, it is impossible to become righteous by the law. So here the last and the main point comes: a justification on the basis of substitutionary sacrifice for the sin. So Jesus Christ became that sacrifice for our sins. We admit ourselves as sinners and accept thу sacrifice as our own - and this is our saving justification!

Church praised God in the final prayer, inspired by the word of discipling.



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